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About me


I used to work in Visual arts (graphic design, video and stage design) in the first part of my professional career, today, I am moving towards practices that have profoundly benefited my body and mind. I am a certified EMTE practitioner (somatic bodywork, massage ande energetics), certified yoga teacher: Vinyasa, Nidra, Yoni Shakti, Kids yoga,  YIH (Yoga in healthcare), shamanic and ecoritual practitioner. The exploration of the human soul, the unconscious and invisible worlds fascinates me and I continue to discover how everything is connected. Through yoga, rituals, meditation, energetics and massage I offer everyone the opportunity to connect with themselves, by following the subtle messages of the body.

Book a session with me, I will take you on a journey inside yourself.

My certification training:

  • EMTE somatic bodywork therapy with energetics and massage 1000 hours

  • YTT 200h Vinyasa withSarah Derasse 

  • Yoni Shakti well woman yoga therapy 50h with Uma Dinsmore Tuli

  • Total Yoga Nidra 60h with Uma Dinsmore Tuli, Nirlipta Tuli andYoli Maya Yeh

  • Yoga in healthcare, 60 hours with Yoga in healthcare alliance

  • Yoga for children 50 hours withCosmic Kids,

  • Practitioner in ecorituals® 60h with Marianne Grasselli Meier


Others formations/interests:

  • Transcendental shamanism with Stella B

  • Facilitator of talking circles with Helene Gadoury

  • MBSR 8 week cycle at emergences

  • Karmic astrology with Lisa Mellouki

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