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What is somatic bodywork

Somatic bodywork takes into account your entire being in its emotional, physical, mental and spiritual dimensions. Through emotional liberation exercises, active listening, massage and energetics treatments, I help you get through difficult moments in your life.

How often should I come to the somatic bodywork sessions?

For a start, I suggest we meet for 8 sessions once a week to determine whether this type of work suits you. Regular monitoring is important in the beginning. The length of therapy can take from 6 months to 3 years.

Is it very different from psychotherapy?

The main difference is that we will pay specific attention to the body and psychosomatic symptoms. We will use words but there will also be treatments on the massage table and exercises that will allow another path than the one of the mind. Please note that, for any psychiatric symptom my support can be complementary but not the main therapy.

What languages do you speak?

I speak French, Greek, and English mainly. I also have an understanding of Italian, Spanish and Dutch if necessary.

Describe a typical session to me

We start with a talking time, then you lie on the massage table for a massage and energetics treatment. Sometimes an urgent need for emotional release is necessary and I offer you other types of exercises that help you move into feeling and releasing the emotion. We end the session with a little feedback talk.

Do I need to prepare to come to a session?

Come as you Are. However, bring oil-safe underwear if you want a massage. Sometimes the emotional releases can be intense so allow some quiet time after the session.

What result can I expect after a somatic bodywork session?

Somatic bodywork will allow you to reconnect with the wisdom of your body. I have the deep belief that in each one of us there is a healer and that when we trust our deep intuition and the wisdom of the body, healing can happen. Through therapeutic touch, I help you reach parts of yourself that have remained in the shadows.

Some benefits: deep relaxation, better energy, exit from destructive functioning cycles, better confidence in yourself and the wisdom of your body, improved relationships with yourself and the people around you.

Can I do a session even if I don't have any particular problem?

Yes of course !

I even recommend that you take care of yourself in these moments when everything is going well.

Can I come just for 1 session

Yes ! But if there is a deeper problem, I recommend a follow-up. In 1 time I can relieve you but you will have better results with regular follow-up.

What is the difference with a wellness massage

A wellness massage and somatic bodywork treatment will both be focused on the well-being of the body. However, in somatic bodywork we will make the link between the emotional, the mental and the physical body, this will require several sessions in order to move towards in-depth work, at the heart of the very essence of your being.

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