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Inclusive yoga classes, integrated into the healthcare system for prevention and better resistance to stress

A great yoga season ends with the non-profit organization Yoga in Healthcare, therapeutic yoga in medical homes. These weekly yoga sessions prescribed by healthcare providers in medical homes throughout Brussels have helped people weakened by stress, isolation or physical disabilities to reconnect with their breath and relax their body and mind. Indeed, according to the inventor of the word "stress", Hans Selye, there are two types of stress. “Eustress” which is beneficial and helps to solve problems effectively and “distress” which tests our resistance and ends up weakening us. Unfortunately from a very young age we are confronted with performance, competition, rhythms which are not necessarily adapted to our physiological needs. Yoga, as given by yoga in healthcare, then becomes a real tool of resistance and resilience in a society which demands more and more of us every day. By breathing, by moving gently and slowly, by relaxing, we give way to a larger space in our body and our mind. Little by little, the automatic mode stops and we can experience states of true union of body and mind.

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