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The immediate soothing effect of massage

Touch, an elementary and archaic way to soothe suffering, is present in many therapeutic practices in the East. Thus, being touched, embraced, rocked can give an immediate feeling of being safe, protected and in control. Emotional states are imprinted on the body, tense shoulders, contracted viscera, tight throat, short breathing. A treatment that helps the body to relax and release muscular tension can also allow certain emotions to be released. According to Doctor Bessel Van der Kolk, director of the Trauma Center in Boston, cultivating interoception, learning to decipher and experience physical sensations, allows you to navigate life smoothly. “Numbness or the quest for compensatory sensations (drugs, intense physical activity, excessive eating, harming oneself) perhaps makes life tolerable, but is paid for by the loss of awareness of internal states and, a fortiori, of the feeling of feeling fully alive. Indeed, by cutting ourselves off from unpleasant emotions we also cut ourselves off from pleasure and joy. We develop avoidance strategies to avoid feeling the physical impression of emotions. Apart from learning to feel again through a massage treatment or any other mind-body practice, it allows you to reconnect with a feeling of being fully alive.

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