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Somatic bodywork

Taking care of your being as a whole

massage, accompagnement psychocorporel
my mission in psycho-corporeal support and massage


Are you experiencing a transition, a difficult moment in your life, a trauma that has disconnected you from your body, annoying mental loops?

Through active listening, emotional release exercises (anger, sadness, fear, disgust), breathing exercises, massage, energetics and yoga I help you reconnect with your body and overcome what is holding you back from living the life you want to live.



It is a holistic treatment taking into account your being as a whole, in the present moment, in its physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions. Massage and energetics can be practised dressed or without your clothes on but always covered with a towel. We begin the sessions with a moment of talking, we define together the type of somatic bodywork care you need for the session and we will end with a feedback talk. Touch is not mandatory but my approach will encourage you for more body awareness.

énergétique accompagnement psychocrporel
énergétique accompagnement psychocorporel acceuil des émotions

My tools

I am trained in EMTE somatic bodywork therapy: psychotherapy, massage, energetics and yoga. 


My code of ethics guarantees that I am regularly supervised by a colleague.


Contact me for more information or to book a session.

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